52 Universe Rules & Policies
Welcome to 52 Universe. The following are our board rules:

  • No Disruptive Behavior: Hate speech & threats of violence will not be tolerated.

  • No Religious Discussion: Everyone has their own beliefs, and 52U isn't the place to discuss the subject as it may offend members.

  • No Fundraising: GoFundMe, Kickstarters, and any other donation services are forbidden without Administration approval. We're not heartless, and if there's a legitimate campaign, it may be allowed. But it must be reviewed & approved.

  • No Spamming. Standard no spamming just like any other site/community.

  • PayPal Transactions for online deals. PayPal provides insurance & coverage should any deal go wrong. Cash deals are acceptable only if you're conducting a local meetup for the transaction. Be safe, and do it in a public.
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