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TemplarKnight’s Long Damn Reviews - TemplarKnight - 04-07-2019

I figure why not be the first whore.

Hey everybody, I have a website!  I post reviews of movies, good, bad, new, old, and occasionally scarring.

I also am very longwinded in my reviews, so I worked TLBig GrinR into the name:

That’s right, a .COM!  We fancy now!

I generally post theater reviews of new movies where I try to be light on Spoilers and just give my opinion.  Due to my love of comic book movies, I generally review them in theaters.  I am currently working on my Review of Shazam! so expect to see that fairly soon!

Check me out and support my patreon!
(Offscreen whispering)
What do you mean I don’t have a patreon?!?  Well, At least turn off your adblocker so I get money from my ads.
(More whispering)
NO ADS?!? You mean I’m doing all this for free?

Stupid freeloaders.  Enjoy my stupid site that gives me no money.

RE: TemplarKnight’s Long Damn Reviews - Zor-El - 04-07-2019

It's great to have a .COM, but wow it's long!