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Shazam!: Say My Name - Nabulous - 04-07-2019

[Image: Shazam-Movie-Poster.jpg]

Starring Zachary Levi
NOW in theaters

RE: Shazam!: Say My Name - Zor-El - 04-08-2019

I'm hoping to watch it by the end of this upcoming week Smile

RE: Shazam!: Say My Name - Cameron Samurai - 04-08-2019

Pretty good. Some of the comedy did grate on me a bit, but that's because I'm an old fossil. Has a lot of energy and heart.

RE: Shazam!: Say My Name - Xalfrea - 04-13-2019

I didn't think I would end loving this film, that's for sure. A contender with Wonder Woman as the best of the DCEU.

RE: Shazam!: Say My Name - TemplarKnight - 04-13-2019

I think Wonder Woman and Aquaman both did better but I think this movie is definitely worth watching.  I am just disappointed that he didn't quite become the hero he should have been.  I have finished writing my review and you can read it here:

Warning, it has major spoilers after the spoiler warning.  Like play by play on the plot.