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The champion of the original Crisis, the fastest man alive Barry Allen, attempts to keep up with the breakneck pace of his enemies by tapping into the speed force's incredible power. With his past, present and future all a blur to him, can Barry and his fellow speedsters and loved ones put together a coherent vision of today to see them through tomorrow? Discuss the triumphs and tragedies of The Flash Family here.
I'm not a huge Flash reader, but I know enough to be a pretty big fan. Wally is my favorite Flash and my favorite villain is  Reverse-Flash.
So far Joshua Willaimson's run is very polarising. He knows when to make the books fun and optimistic, but occasionally he'll dip into dark turn and make the characters take several steps backwards in characterisation and really drags the title down. I've dropped the book following what they did to Wally and Iris, and won't come back until one of them is fixed.
Heroes In Crisis#8

Wally is the killer

The murders aren't deliberate, Wally had a bad day and was left unchecked, he set off a force explosion that killed those at Sanctuary. Rather than own up to it, he spends the rest of the issue covering his tracks using time travel , framing Booster and Harley, then leaves a confession for Lois. It's incredibly dumb...why would he go to that length of trouble to create a mystery than admit it was all his doing anyway?
So...Dc hates Wally now?
Didio hates legacy characters in general. Wally and Dick are pet peeves of his in particular.

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