User Colored Titles & Random Avatars are now working!
New members are by default League Recruits are on grey. Normally, they will be promoted into League Members after a certain amount of time & posts on the board. To celebrate our board opening, we've set a promotion so that if any members joining within the first few months of our opening, and can reach 100 posts - will be promoted into League Founders. Off the bat, it will look just like League Members. But it will be like a "VIP" group that will receive special perks & upgrades non-special accounts wouldn't.

To use the Randomizing Avatar, please access the Avatar Uploader from your User CP:

[Image: avatars-step1.png]

Browse & upload your Avatar:
[Image: avatars-step2.png]

Save the 9 character code:
[Image: avatars-step3.png]

Repeat for a second Avatar, then access your Edit Profile page:
And under 52U Customizations:

[Image: avatars-step4.png]

Enable Randomizing Avatars, and input your 2 codes. Option 1 is required the minimum for this feature to work.

The functions have been updated to both the dark & light designs. Please report if there's any issues.

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