CW's Arrow: Currently Point-less
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Barry being a selfish bastard for wanting his mother alive & father not in jail created Flashpoint. Fixing that erased Diggle's daughter, erased Barry's original daughter Dawn (I assume Don as well since they are classically twins but he was never mentioned), murdered Cisco's brother, god knows who else had their lives ruined, were murdered, or just outright erased from existance

I'm not one to defend Barry, but
those actions also brought people back to life, such as Ralph, who was confirmed by Thawne to have died in the particle accelerator explosion when Blackout was about to kill him.

So even though a bunch of bad things happened, we can't write it off as a universally bad thing.

Ralph pre-Flashpoint was said to have been killed through unspecified means. according to Thawne in the episode Power Outage according to the Arrowverse wikia.

The character Blackout appeared in season one for one episode and died in that episode. Everything shown depicts Ralph as never encountering him.

I write Barry & Nora both off as universally evil.

He was talking about Blackout about to kill Thawne not Ralph he was just saying the changes led to saving him among all the bad

I see
CW's Fall schedule is out. Arrow is moving to Tuesdays, after The Flash, for it's final 10 episodes.
We'll be seeing more Connor Hawke. Joseph David-Jones will be a regular for the final season.
There's definite possibility of past characters returning for the final 10 episodes.
Katherine McNamara (Mia) will be a regular for the final season.
(07-11-2019, 11:41 AM)GoldAnyRanger Wrote: Katherine McNamara (Mia) will be a regular for the final season.

Considering how few episodes there are that isn’t saying much.
(07-11-2019, 11:41 AM)GoldAnyRanger Wrote: SDCC Sizzle Reel


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