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Hello, first conversation here:} Love the show and hope Godspeed is worth the wait.
Episode 18 really is called Godspeed!? Oh the hype! I thought that was entirely fan speculation.
That was rather anti-climatic. Was hoping for a run in between Godspeed vs Flash.
Is it me, or is there a piece of that story still missing? I mean, Godspeed is still on the run (pun totally intended) in the future, and has probably made his stable formula by now. What's to stop him from coming back to the present day?

edit: Damn my memory, totally forgot the part where Nora stopped him, and told Thawne he is now in CCPD custody.
Confused  Yeah
How do I already know
evil XS
is going to be underwhelming? Undecided
I actually really liked the fan theory on Godspeed being Barry's son Don from an erased from the Flashpoint fiasco, possibly with Barry changing the future by finding a way to end Savitar. With Don holding a grudge against Nora being the replacement child in the new timeline, and the twin Dawn being erased.

Sure it would've been a similar twist like Savitar, but it seemed more thought out and we could've had Godspeed play out a lot longer than the Flashback-forward scenes.
(04-24-2019, 12:33 AM)Nabulous Wrote: How do I already know
evil XS
is going to be underwhelming?  Undecided

Called it.  ;__;
Why are you bugging Joe about cotton swabs, Caitlin?

You could have called Barry and already gotten them hand-delivered in the time that took...

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