CW's The Flash: No Hot Flashes Here
(06-28-2019, 12:30 AM)Comic Genesis Wrote: There's news that a new african american, socially awkward genius will be added to the cast in season 6.

Wait, just like Batwoman is going to do too?

Wow, Berlanti, way to water down our love for Curtis...  -__-
TBh, if this character takes Cisco's place, then I will fully dislike Cisco now. Because that clarifies that his vague little speech was him walking out on everyone because he wasn't Vibe anymore, a rather selfish and stupid decision imo.
I can't find any source on that rumor of the new genius. :|
I'm not totally sure of the source, but here's a piece I found on it

Quote:it looks like both Caitlin and Cisco will be making the acquaintance of a fellow scientist, since the CW series is busy filling the role of a socially awkward, African-American genius in math and science (who specifically is a bit obsessed with aliens and their tech).
Godspeed confirmed to fight Barry in Season 6:

I'm honestly pretty excited. Speedster battles are almost always cool:}
The post-crisis phase of the season will have a different villain
Next new episode: April 21
I want to feel bad for Barry, but the clone very clearly outlined how he's had this coming.

And man, just that look when Joe knew he had to go. Jesse L. Martin is one of the greatest actors ever.
Okay, that was the coolest kill ever.

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