CW's Batwoman: She's a Little Batty (Crisis Part 2, Dec 9)
[Image: Batwoman_Ruby_Rose_Arrowverse_Kate_Keane...Comics.jpg]

This is the place to talk about the CW's newest hero.
The series has been confirmed as picked up.

And we have our first teaser.

Batwoman will air on Sundays, paired with Supergirl. (As close to DC's big two as the CW can get.)
I'll give the show a chance.
That new trailer has a lot of dislikes...for reasons that are a major headache to even comment on...
The trailer shows promise, but man oh man certain things were over-emphasized to the point of painful. It now almost makes it worrying that THIS is the first exposure of Batwoman to the general audience, especially in this overly-charged political climate.
I'll still give it a chance, but I hope this show doesn't spend multiple seasons doing plots that are not only poorly disguised jabs at politics, but repetitive as well. It's what makes Supergirl so unbearable.
The pilot was amazing! Consider me a fan.

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