User Colored Titles & Random Avatars are now working!
New members are by default League Recruits are on grey. Normally, they will be promoted into League Members after a certain amount of time & posts on the board. To celebrate our board opening, we've set a promotion so that if any members joining within the first few months of our opening, and can reach 100 posts - will be promoted into League Founders. Off the bat, it will look just like League Members. But it will be like a "VIP" group that will receive special perks & upgrades non-special accounts wouldn't.

To use the Randomizing Avatar, please access the Avatar Uploader from your User CP:

[Image: avatars-step1.png]

Browse & upload your Avatar:
[Image: avatars-step2.png]

Save the 9 character code:
[Image: avatars-step3.png]

Repeat for a second Avatar, then access your Edit Profile page:
And under 52U Customizations:

[Image: avatars-step4.png]

Enable Randomizing Avatars, and input your 2 codes. Option 1 is required the minimum for this feature to work.

The functions have been updated to both the dark & light designs. Please report if there's any issues.
I also noticed many people are using small Avatars, the limit wasn't bumped up as intended right away during the initial setup. My apologies.

It's at 200x200 now, for both the Single Avatar & Random Avatar functions.
I have fallen foul of the multi-uploader as I did on RB. Didn't save my code. Is it possible to remove it from the system, or send me the code or something please, as it won't let me upload it again. Thanks.
Oh just go right ahead and upload again. I noticed several people jumped in and uploaded Avatars before it was ready. So I just wiped it clean for a fresh start. I figured it'd just be easier.

Plus since it wasn't ready, the Avatar limitations weren't put in yet. So some people uploaded very large images.
Ok, I tried two avatars, it's saying done at the bottom, but I'm not getting any links. Just the upload box.
You didn't successfully upload them. Nothing new was added to the hosting server.
Ok, uploading doesn't seem to be working for me, so I tried the online URL of the image and got a bunch of illegal string offset errors, and a cannot modify header information error.
Did you try clicking the Browse button, to find the image file from your PC then uploading it?
Yep. It did the 'uploading animated bar' thing, then just kept showing me the upload box.
Yeah I'm not sure what to tell you. Might need more people to test it, during testing, I was able to upload over a dozen images. And you did successfully upload prior to this going live.

If you post the images here that you're trying to upload, I can help you with it. It might even help identify the problem.

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