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Here is your all-purpose discussion thread for the man of steel, Krypton's last son, the leaper of tall buildings, the guy Seinfeld hung out with in the 2000s. Clark Kent, Kal-El, Superman
Preview of Batman#68, guest-starring Lois and Clark
Superman#10 Preview
Love him:} Supergirl is my favorite though.

Jon finishes telling Clark and Lois his story, with Jor-El managing to save him from Earth 3's Superwoman. Jor-El believes Jon ran away from him and that he was gone for several years and his parents will only have thought him gone for 22 rotations. He gives Jon a suit for him to wear. The ship suddenly comes under attack from Rogul Zarr. Jon escapes to Earth. Clark chooses to go back with Jon to where Jor-El is and help him. Lois tells Clark she'll handle Leviathan while he's away and they embrace one another. We learn Jon's suit also acts as a dimensional transporter which instantly takes father and son to the sight of a massive space battle

Uh oh, there may be a major plot hole

The story establishes that Jon's return to Earth takes place immediately after Jor-El's ship comes under attack from Zarr, Zod and Jax-Ur, Jon's super-suit transports him to Earth and he crashes into the pool of a shopping mall, this leaves no time for Jon to have gained the scarring that's visible on his face when he returns to his parents. So either he somehow gains the scar while on Earth (or gained it when he crashed through the window of the mall housing the pool), or Bendis neglected to cover that part

Batman#68 (guest starring Lois, Clark and Supergirl)

We get some "Knightmares" from Bruce as he has a "bachelor night" conversation with a dream version of Clark over the reasons Selina left him, Clark reveals Bruce may hate being Batman, but Bruce loves that he NEEDS to be Batman and he never told Selina this. Lois and Selina mean time crash the fortress of solitude, go skinny dipping in a pool, watch a strip tease from the Superman robots, dress up in Clark's Super Suits and receive body massages from the robots. Bruce and Clark meet up with the ladies once their fortress fun is concluded. We learn the real/present day Bruce is trapped in Arkham Asylum being tortured psychologically with a device
We have our first teaser of Matt Fraction's Jimmy Olsen book

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Cover to Superman#13

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Details on Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen's new 12-issue maxi-series
(04-13-2019, 01:22 PM)Cameron Samurai Wrote: New details on the Superman Family animated series pitch that WB rejected in this interview with Vinton Heuck

I actually would have preferred this to Justice League Action.
Action Comics#1010

Kate Spencer/Alias Kate Spencer visits Director Bones and finishes him off, Lois and Clark arrive in London and meet agent Tiger of Spiral in a book shop. The mysterious creature that attacked Sam comes gunning for them. Clark throws the creature into space where it explodes into blue energy, he returns to the book store to find Lois and Tiger gone. Meanwhile, Jimmy annoys Waller at the fortress by constantly taking photos of her.

Very much a filling meal of an issue...but hey, we get to see Chaz in the Super-suit and a fun flashback to the last time Lois and Clark went undercover with these aliases ("Supergirl, whey?!")

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