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Patrick Gleason confirms there were plans to give Jon a baby sister before Bendis took over
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Quote:The project from David Marquez and Josh Williamson sees six heroes turning bad, but not all of them even know it's happening to them.
The Batman Who Laughs isn’t finished playing with DC’s superheroes yet.

This alternate reality version of Batman was first introduced in the successful comic book miniseries Dark Nights: Metal as a Batman who has become transformed into an immoral villain through exposure to Joker toxin. Not only will this version of Bruce Wayne continue to terrorize the DC Universe with a previously unannounced extension to his current miniseries, but he’ll also be the threat at the center of an all-new Batman and Superman team-up comic book series launching in August.

Scott Snyder and Jock’s The Batman Who Laughs series will now run seven issues instead of six, leading into the new Batman/Superman title created by Josh Williamson (The Flash, Justice League/Suicide Squad) and David Marquez (Marvel’s Civil War II, Avengers), with the latter making his DC debut on the title. (A preliminary cover for the final issue of The Batman Who Laughs can be seen at the end of this story.)
For Marquez, who calls the new series “a great opportunity,” the first issue of Batman/Superman won’t just mark his first work for the company after almost a decade of Marvel material; it’ll also be the first release as part of his new exclusive contract with DC.

“I've been very fortunate that in a relatively short career I'd been able to work on some big projects,” the artist told Heat Vision. “When I heard the possibility of working with DC, I wasn't sure I wanted to do more work-for-hire stuff after wrapping up with Marvel. They really kind of had to sell me on the idea of doing the series.”

Initially, Marquez had planned to follow his Marvel work with a new project he’d create and own, he explained, but the scope of Batman/Superman — and the chance to collaborate for the first time with Williamson, whom he’d known for years — changed his mind.

“That I'd be able to build it from the ground up, and also that it was actually a meaningful big project, were really important factors,” he explained. “In terms of the characters involved and the role it plays in broader DCU and its evolving narrative, working with Josh who's one of the biggest writers there — these reasons sold me on the idea of doing this book. If it wasn't all of those unique characteristics altogether for one project, I probably wouldn't be doing work-for-hire stuff right now.”

According to Williamson, Batman/Superman had been in development for more than a year before Marquez joined the team, and has always been intended as a very different take on a series teaming the two iconic characters that takes its cue from recent events in the larger DC comic book universe.

“We discover, through the Batman Who Laughs series that the Batman Who Laughs have been working on this massive plan since Metal. What it is is, he has sleeper agents throughout the [DC Universe]. They’ve been infected, and they’re slowly turning into the worst versions of themselves,” Williamson teased. “Some of them know they're changing, some don't. Some aren't aware it's kind of like a Jekyll and Hyde situation where they're not aware of [what] the other side is doing.

“This is happening to six people — we’ve been calling them the new Secret Six — who have been turned. But who could be turned? Who are they? [Batman and Superman] have to go out and figure it out. But that means spying on other heroes, friends, allies. We talked about the end of The Thing, where it’s the two of them and they’re like, ‘It could be you, it could be me, but now we have to work together.’”

The identity of the Secret Six — a name with some history in DC mythology, having first been used in 1968 for a comic book series of the same name — will be one of the core elements of the new series, and also an important part of DC’s superhero continuity as a whole across the next year of storytelling.

“It becomes this mystery across not just this book but really the line,” Williamson said, suggesting that fans reading other series might have the chance to work out identities before the heroes do. “It's a thing where it's not just going to be focused on this one book; it starts here, but you're going to get a situation where, if you are reading the line, you might start piecing some stuff together before like bigger reveals happen. You might be like, 'Oh this weird thing's happening over here, I wonder if that's connected to the story here,' and that's cause, yeah. It is.”

Williamson and Marquez are well aware of, and drawing from, the long history of comic book stories teaming Batman and Superman. The two characters first teamed in 1952’s Superman No. 76, forming a good-humored brotherhood that lasted three decades in the pages of the World’s Finest Comics series; they would go on to co-star in Superman/Batman, a monthly series that lasted 87 issues starting in 2003, and the first incarnation Batman/Superman, which ran from 2013 through 2016.

This new series will be something different, with a tone closer to horror than straight super heroics. It’s an unexpected move, perhaps, but one that stays true to the story being told and the characters’ experience. Both creators are clear on the fact that Batman/Superman is intended to have a big impact on the DC Universe as a whole.

“It definitely changes the DCU in a lot of ways, it impacts the characters and the dynamic between some of them, moving forward in the next year,” Williamson said.

“This isn't throwaway, like ‘everything is perfect and back to normal,’ illusion of change stuff,” Marquez added. “With characters that you love, ‘I had a great day’ is not a story, you know? ‘I had a great day, until…’ is a much more interesting story. You want to see these characters tested, and this is maybe a mean way to do it, but it’s going to be a fun ride. It’s definitely fun to draw. There are dark stories that torture the reader and there are dark stories that are entertaining for the reader. This is the latter.”

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[Image: batman-superman_announcement-publicity-e...-_2019.jpg]

Zarr and Jax-Ur approach Zod and offer to give him answers about Krypton in exchange for tips on how to escape the Phantom Zone. We flash forward to Clark and Jon finding Jor-El's ship under attack by war vessels belonging to the Thangarians, the Kunds, and the Trillium Collective. According to Jor-El, this is an assassination attempt disguised as a military battle. Clark spots Rogal Zarr, who seemingly retreats. Jon offers to help Jor-El prepare the ship for a jump, Jor-El tells him he returned him to Earth for a reason and to stay safe. Jon tells Jor-El to bite him, but is then ambushed by Zod. Clark is distracted by the armies attacking the ship and Zarr himself. Suddenly, Kara and Krypto arrive
CBR review the first two issues of Superman: Year One

"Boring and unnecessarily weird"

Action Comics#1011

Sawyer and her Crimes Unit arrive to arrest Kate Spencer, but the Manhunter easily overpowers them and escapes. Clark finds Lois safe and sound in London, she has all the data collected on Spiral from Tiger, Lois calls Perry and tells him about the scoop, Perry asks for a second source, Clark suggests they go back for Tiger, but Tiger is killed. The two then visit Huntress before returning to the fortress to find Amanda has escaped and laid out Jimmy. Jimmy says it's because he accused her of running Leviathan. Lois has a headache from all of the flying around and Clark gives her a nice cuddle (and yes, she calls him well as Krypton when they're around Jimmy). Superman, Lois and Jimmy cover the range of destruction left by Leviathan and find there are no bodies. Superman describes his experiences with the weapon from last issue, and that the blue energy explosions don't feel like disintergrations. Jimmy thinks it could be a long-range teleporter.

Meanwhile, Guardian is visited in hospital by an unknown person who tells him the one thing he's fought for all his life will be in place by tomorrow morning
Lois Lane#1

Woo, Rucka to the rescue as she writes the best Lois Lane since Tomasi and Jurgens left. Rene Montoya's back as The Question, Lois gets kicked out of the white house, we get some Lois fanservice when she drops in on Clark in the shower, and the Kents discuss the world's reaction to Lois kissing Superman. Clark is concerned about how the world now views Lois, but Lois is cool with it. She won't tell Clark just yet what she found in space that is motivating her current behaviour, and tells him to trust her more, and that their marriage is built more on that than honesty.
Upcoming Superman arcs revealed by this trade solicitation:

Quote:Superboy's world will change forever when the Legion of super-hero affairs arrives and offers him a job in the future! A new look debuts for this all-new adventure!

Meanwhile, when the organization that had a hand in destroying Krypton is exposed, Superman is elected to a job he never wanted...president of Earth!
Lois Lane#2 preview

The Legion tells the aligned worlds that their alliance holds steady well into the future, Superman agrees to speak for the people of Earth on United Planetary matters. Adam Strange visits Superman while he is observing the captive Rogal Zarr and informs him that Jor-El has been tried and sentenced...he has been returned to his original point in space and time, just as Krypton explodes, killing him. Superman and Zod have a final chit-chat where Zod says he wants to make a better place for him and his family. Clark, Kara and Jon head back to Earth

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