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So, who among us has a PS4? Or is still using one of the earlier models? Who went and got the Playstation Classic? (you have my sympathies)

Who's looking forward to The Last of Us 2? Or Days Gone? Or any of the other Sony exclusives?

Maybe you wanna show off your trophies. Or share PSN profiles. I'm DekaRed2004.

There is also the True Trophies site. Check it out.

edit: We can also talk about non-exclusives. I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed 3 Remastered.
I borrowed a PS4 just to play Detroit Become Human. Best game ever.

I won't buy a PS4 because it's near end of life. I'll buy a PS5 though. If it has PS4 backwards compatibility, I'll replay Detroit Become Human. I'm otherwise looking forward to more games like that.
I have a 3 and a 4. I sold my PS2 and all my PS1 & PS2 games to be the 4. I sometimes regret that, because there's a few PS2 games I miss playing. Burnout: Takedown, Simpsons Road Rage, Defender of the Crown.

Ive only got one game on order right now, MK11. Even though I haven't completed story mode of Injustice 2. (Not to mention other games Ive got I haven't even started.)

Im definitely looking forward to Last of Us 2. (Though I still need to play the DLC of Last of Us 1.)
I will no longer regret selling my PS2, as I just bought a used PS2 Slim on eBay. Now, I can start to rebuild my game library. Luckily, I have a few places nearby I can check, and go to garage sales on Saturdays when the weather is good.

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