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Just thought I'd add this here as a place to talk about the premiere DC heroine and the original super heroine in general. I haven't kept up with the comics much though. Sorry;{

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I saw the Wonder Woman movie again recently and I still love it. I'd probably put it among my personal top 20 films and is the best of the DCEU films.

As for Diana herself I first saw her in the Superfriends cartoons...for all the good that was since, though she wasn't actually portrayed awful there, she was pretty useless. The main animated Diana for me is the JL cartoons and since then I've seen her on and off in other animated works. But thanks to that recent movie it seems they finally caught onto how marketable she is and is being used all over the place. I've even warmed up to her portrayal in the 2nd DC Super Hero Girls cartoon as the straight man trying to keep the nutjobs that are her team in line.

What's been happpening to her immediate charges though is both sad and hilarious. Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark have been massively screwed over in the comics, and though Cassie has enjoyed the limelight in the Young Justice cartoon, Donna got diddly squat. I like both of them equally though I admit that I have a Cassie Bishoujo statue. IMO, Donna by this point doesn't need to be tied to Diana as she's had more than enough experience to be on her own. Cassie not so much. I said it on another certain forum, but for all her portrayal as the spirit of truth that emphasizes love, compassion and empathy, Diana has been a rather lousy, almost near-non-existent, mentor to the two holders of the Wonder Girl name.
I enjoy Cassie. Her backstory is pretty cool and she's voiced by Mae whitman in Young Justice. I know Donna troy is infamous for her backstory and was originally conceived as teenage Wonder Woman before someone goofed and made her a Titan.

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