"I Am The Night" - General Batman Discussion Thread
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I'm a bit shocked this wasn't already up. A thread for discussing the Dark Knight and his now 80 year old mythos.

Thx for the cool image:}

We get some "Knightmares" from Bruce as he has a "bachelor night" conversation with a dream version of Clark over the reasons Selina left him, Clark reveals Bruce may hate being Batman, but Bruce loves that he NEEDS to be Batman and he never told Selina this. Lois and Selina mean time crash the fortress of solitude, go skinny dipping in a pool, watch a strip tease from the Superman robots, dress up in Clark's Super Suits and receive body massages from the robots. Bruce and Clark meet up with the ladies once their fortress fun is concluded. We learn the real/present day Bruce is trapped in Arkham Asylum being tortured psychologically with a device
Some pages from Under The Moon

I still want a Gotham High series with more scenes like this
It's game night in Harley Quinn#61

Selina is back in Gotham, and Harley and Tina are trying to help her deal with her heartbreak over Bruce, Selina at one point suggests they rob a jewellery parlour rather than play games, then Harley breaks things and reality is altered!

Selina's in her current outfit, so this is no prequel

She probably has to travel back-and-forth to look after her cats
Some drama with Batman and the Outsiders...Black Lightning's creator Tony isabella believes his creation is acting OOC in the book, prompting Brian Hill to respond
Tom King is leaving Batman at the end of 2019. He has other projects planned however.
Tom King will conclude his Batman and Catwoman story in a new limited series devoted to the pair
Batman is tied with Supes and Wondy as my 2nd favorite superhero. A bit of a cheat I know, but I just love the idea of these three being together.

Really can't remember when I was first exposed to Batman, but it was most likely through the Animated Series since I remember watching that growing up. That pretty much has been all the exposure to him through my life, through all these TV shows. Loved TAS, loved Beyond, liked The Batman, and have seen some Brave and the Bold.

Movies on the other hand, never watched much of Burton's films, watched the Schumacher films, and the Dark Knight trilogy. Of course did see Affleck in the recent films and I'm bummed that he's not continuing.

-Superman shows up in Event Levitahan, only to be interrogated by Batman, but apparently they can't crack their heads together on this matter and Lois steps in to help.

-City of Bane is taking a month off already to make room for more Bat/Cat 'shipping in a special two-part "interlude"

-In the meantime, Jones takes the month off of Selina's solo title, and the book isn't tying in with what's going on in City of Bane or it's "interlude" at all.

-Nora Fries is awoken from cryo-sleep thanks to Lex Luthor (not the first time that's happened, having occurred in pre-flashpoint and in DCAU comics)

-DC have cancelled the Teen Titans Go! comic
Batman Beyond Blu=Ray release announced, a follow-up to last year's Batman: The Animated Series Blu-Ray set.

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