"I Am The Night" - General Batman Discussion Thread
Tom King panel at SDCC

Not much revealed at this panel

Highlights from Batman's induction into the Comic Con Museum's Hall of Fame
I just watched Batman: Hush.
I enjoyed it overall, but I didn't like how the Riddler was Hush. A bit anti-climatic on the reveal.


Somehow Selina was able to get Bruce (who apparently has remained unconscious) from the Himalayas all the way to Paris where she is stealing priceless works of art to pay for his treatments. Meanwhile back in Gotham Kite-Man (hell yeah) is pursued by Flashpoint Batman and is eventually captured. Gotham Girl manages to beat up Captain Atom and he winds up hospitalised. He receives a visit from...TIM DRAKE?! But he's exploring the multiverse in YJ. Where does this any of this take place in continuity?!

Tim and Damian have an argument on a rooftop, and it's revealed that the Bat-Family have been exiled from Gotham, and if any return there, Alfred will die
And here's Tim's new threads

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Bruce Wayne possibly faking his death and stepping down as Batman in an event across 2020 and 2021, the new Batman he will mentor is reportedly black

Bruce and Selina decide it's time to get back in the game thwarting several crimes and intercepting a shipment of venom. Bruce tells Selina Alfred signalled him and that he's safe, so he's sending Damien in (this is obviously set before Alfred's murder). Afterwards, Selina reveals she's stolen a diamond four seperate times, with Bruce catching her with it on every one of those. Bruce says she still can't keep it. Finally, Bruce and Selina come to an agreement over where they met now that they understand each other better...not the boat, not the street, but on the beach.
The upcoming episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who gives us what may be the greatest depiction of Batman yet.
Kevin Conroy's voice and Adam West's Batmobile.

Batman: The Adventures Continue#1

We open on Batman battling Bane, he uses tranquilizer darts to knock him out. A giant robot is loose in Gotham, it goes after Waynetech and steals what is later revealed to be alien hardware. Someone is watching from the shadows as Bruce battles the robot. Bruce fails to stop it making off with the technology. Bruce later attends a social function, where he meets old flame Veronica Vreeland. Veronica wants to be more than friends to Bruce, and wishes to mother his latest adoption Tim. Bruce politely declines, and starts conversing with Lex Luthor. He learns Superman is missing in action following a fight on the far side of the moon. Bruce finally tracks down the robot to a warehouse and investigates as Batman, but he is attacked by Lex in his classic armour
Batman: The Adventures Continue#2

Lex reveals to Bruce that he had observed Brainaic's recent fight with Superman from an orbiting sattelite, from this he realised that Superman had his hands on what remained of Brainy, and knew when to strike when Wayne acquired it. Batman tells Lex he'll find nothing in the remains, as Wayne's technicians had already gone through it....however, what he neglects to tell Lex is that HE personally went through it , and found a way to hotwire it using Batarangs. He uses a Batarang to trigger the head's defence systems and it blasts Lex out of his hanger lair.

Bruce briefly returns to the manor to recover, Alfred notes Lex's giant robot seemingly has two cockpits, but Bruce reckons the second slot is storage for a battery. Bruce returns to Lex's hideout in a new aerial outfit, and finds Lex trying to leave in a plane with Mercy. Lex and Bats battle in the air briefly before Lex attempts to use the robot again, but Bats gives the robot's storage battery an electrical KRYPTONITE charge, sure enough, it's revealed that a captive Superman was the battery the whole time! Clark breaks free and takes Lex into custody, Bruce asks him to dispose of Brainiac's head.

Our epilogue is Jason Todd being yelled at by someone in a Gotham apartment complex, accusing him of loitering. Jason pulls out a gun and intimidates the apartment dweller, before he walks off into the night.
Batman Earth One#3 is finished

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