"I Am The Night" - General Batman Discussion Thread
Tom King panel at SDCC

Not much revealed at this panel

Highlights from Batman's induction into the Comic Con Museum's Hall of Fame
I just watched Batman: Hush.
I enjoyed it overall, but I didn't like how the Riddler was Hush. A bit anti-climatic on the reveal.


Somehow Selina was able to get Bruce (who apparently has remained unconscious) from the Himalayas all the way to Paris where she is stealing priceless works of art to pay for his treatments. Meanwhile back in Gotham Kite-Man (hell yeah) is pursued by Flashpoint Batman and is eventually captured. Gotham Girl manages to beat up Captain Atom and he winds up hospitalised. He receives a visit from...TIM DRAKE?! But he's exploring the multiverse in YJ. Where does this any of this take place in continuity?!

Tim and Damian have an argument on a rooftop, and it's revealed that the Bat-Family have been exiled from Gotham, and if any return there, Alfred will die
And here's Tim's new threads

[Image: display?key=fd92ebbc52fc43fb98f69e50e789...utvg31.jpg]
Bruce Wayne possibly faking his death and stepping down as Batman in an event across 2020 and 2021, the new Batman he will mentor is reportedly black

Bruce and Selina decide it's time to get back in the game thwarting several crimes and intercepting a shipment of venom. Bruce tells Selina Alfred signalled him and that he's safe, so he's sending Damien in (this is obviously set before Alfred's murder). Afterwards, Selina reveals she's stolen a diamond four seperate times, with Bruce catching her with it on every one of those. Bruce says she still can't keep it. Finally, Bruce and Selina come to an agreement over where they met now that they understand each other better...not the boat, not the street, but on the beach.
The upcoming episode of Scooby-Doo and Guess Who gives us what may be the greatest depiction of Batman yet.
Kevin Conroy's voice and Adam West's Batmobile.


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