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Your Friendly Neighbourhood Web-Swinger, the man who's all about power and responsibility, struggling with his job, his love life, the fortunes of his elderly aunt, and his endless enemies in his costumed life and sometimes even his personal one. Discuss the highs and lows of the awesome arach-knight here!
The Spider-Man Newspaper Strip recently ceased publishing new material, and in it's place are reruns dating back to around 2014. Kind of sucks they're not going back to much earlier years, but the ones from the 70s can still be accessed in trades from IDW.
Preview of Symbiote Spider-Man#1

Spoilers for Cult of Carnage#1

Symbiote Spider-Man#1 lets us know just how retro it is

It features the world trade centre. I suppose you can place this chronologically in the era of MC2 or even Renew Your Vows
Amazing Spider-Man#19

The Vulture addresses the assembled villains, telling them a tall tale of how the Gibbon helped him find a weakness in one of the Hunter avatars. Peter arrives to debunk his story, but it turns out it's partially true, Peter tries to convince them they can't trust Tooms, but Rhino suddenly spots him and tries to throttle Spidey, still angry Peter left him to be captured to save Aunt May a few issues ago. Meanwhile, Felicia disposes of her guard using her bad luck powers and a nearby snow leopard. Felicia tells Billy Connors they're in this together. Taskmaster meets up with Arcade, and he's brought The Lizard with him. Peter begins to grow frustrated and takes his anger out on a hunter avatar. He's about to kill it when he is stopped by Black Ant, who claims to know the truth about the park, and he wants Spidey to know

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man#5

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Symbiote Spider-Man#1

Mysterio robs a bank, but an encounter with a security guard results in a shooting and another employee at the bank is killed. Peter retrieves a piece of stolen art ("The Screamer") and battles the Human Fly. Later, he returns to his apartment and is awoken in the morning by Felicia, out of costume for once (and, for some reason, almost blonde). Tired of being accused of loving only Spider-Man, she wants to experience life on Peter's side of things. Peter takes her to Uncle Ben's grave and tells her about him.

Peter spots Quentin Beck visiting the grave of the bank employee killed during his robbery. While Peter goes and confronts Mysterio, Felicia meets Aunt May. She tells him she is Peter's lover and girlfriend, and May asks if Peter listens to her, and if he does, if she could convince him to go back to college (she was mad at him around this phase of the Symbiote saga in the 80s).

Peter battles Mysterio, angered at his involvement in the death that occured during the robbery. Mysterio clams it was his sister he was mourning, which rattles Peter. Mysterio then sets off explosives, Peter escapes and the symbiote changes him back, but Mysterio witnesses it. He now knows the costume is alive
Preview of Spider-Man: Life Story#2

Peter is married to Gwen and works for Reed Richards while Gwen works with Miles Warren. Otto is now Peter's uncle, meaning he's married to May
Life Story is either setting up to give me tremendous strength or cause me an immense emotional pain a comic book has not caused me in quite some time.
Interesting to note there's three Spidey books on the market right now, and all three have him in relationships with the top three interests

LS: Gwen
SS: Felicia
(04-12-2019, 10:48 PM)Cameron Samurai Wrote: Interesting to note there's three Spidey books on the market right now

Nice to get the official number. I read Spider-Man/Deadpool: WLMD yesterday, and at the end DP told spidey he'd be ok as he had, like, 42 different current books. Big Grin

I'm aware this was a joke.
Spider-Man/Deadpool hasn't ended just yet, has it? Some might argue Wade among those top love interests, LOL.


Among those some might be Wade himself.

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