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Issue 50 is the last one for SMDP.
My favorite series are Venom, Spider-Gwen, and Renew your vows. I hate that the latter was ended and I haven't gotten Gwen's new volume because I hate her new hero name. I also enjoyed the original Superior Spider-man book. Venom is the most current series I'm followng.
Spider-Man: Life Story#2

Peter talks to Flash at his grave, Gwen gives him a pep talk. Harry visits his father in prison where Norman tells him to look into the Gemini Project as it is out of control. Harry goes to the disco clubs and gets stoned. We learn he is engaged to MJ. Peter arrives at the Club and gets into an argument with a drunken MJ, who reveals she knows he is Spider-Man. Later, a haggard Peter winds up arguing with Reed Richards over sharing advanced technology with the public and we learn Sue left Reed for Namor. Reed slaps him.

Harry attacks Miles Warren's lab as the Goblin and terroizes him and Gwen. Peter arrives and battles the Goblin. Harry triggers a series of explosions which reveal a vat of clones that include Norman. Harry is shocked to find two contain clones of Gwen and Peter. He demands to know why Miles has created the other two. Peter gets everyone out of the building as it catches fire, but Gwen tells Peter to go back and rescue the clones. Peter salvages his own clone, but Warren tells him the Gwen in the tanks is actually the real one, and that he had switched her with the other Gwen. Peter heads back into the burning building but it's too late, the original Gwen is dead.

A year later, Gwen and Peter's clone, now calling himself Ben, are preparing to skip town They've become a couple. MJ is looking after Peter. Gwen's clone has changed her name to Heather. They bid MJ farewell and leave. MJ goes back indoors to comfort a depressed Peter. Peter thinks he has nothing, MJ tells him that isn't true at all and they embrace.
Cover for ASM#25

[Image: 6896143-3651372754-aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzY...U1NjAzMDcx]
(04-18-2019, 01:35 PM)Cameron Samurai Wrote: Cover for ASM#25

[Image: 6896143-3651372754-aHR0cDovL3d3dy5uZXdzY...U1NjAzMDcx]

Something about Mary Jane's teeth screws it up...
[Image: image-8.jpg]
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man#6 preview

Symbiote Spider-Man#2 preview
Pat Gleason now exclusive to Marvel, will fill in for Ryan Ottley on Amazing Spider-Man
Spider-Gwen is being relaunched. The title is officially "Ghost Spider", same creative team, Gwen will be enrolling in Empire State...IN 616!

[Image: 6932326-6885580338-ghost.jpg]
Spider-Gwen is such an awful name. I mean why even wear a mask when you announce who you are.

I hate Miles. I've given him a chance multiple times, he is just horrible. I wish they would kill him off permanently and erase his existence from the collective concious of the Marvel employees and customers.

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