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Spider-gwen isn't her name in-universe.
(05-18-2019, 10:32 PM)The Comic Genesis Wrote: Spider-gwen isn't her name in-universe.

I’ve seen and heard her refer to herself as Spider-Gwen. She may not be doing in one universe that doesn’t mean she doesn’t in others. And it only takes one instance in one universe for me to be right.

Only alias is here is Spider-Gwen
Even though I was raised up in the 90's, it was only in the 2000's where I was first really exposed to Spider-Man through all the Spider-stuff that came out at the time. The McGuire trilogy, the various cartoons during that period, then in the 2010's with the Garfield duology, introduction of MCU Spidey with Holland, and the greatness that is Into the Spider-Verse.

In fact, Spider-Verse is the only Spidey series that I've read all the way through, every single issue and story and part of it. So as such I'm much more open the the idea of multiple Spider-People than some are when they say that only Peter Parker is the one, true Spider-Man. Me personally I love Miles and I'm glad that he's getting so much more now and is making people recognize he's more than just a "Black" Spider-Man. And Spider-Gwen is one of Marvel's biggest creations in recent years, and seeing her gain so much traction and popularity in a short amount of time is nothing short of spectacular.
Spider-Gwen's success doesn't translate to her comic being any kind of success. It is constantly outsold by everything else.
"Hunted" concluded today

Looks like another post-OMD creative decision has been undone...Kraven's revival...sort of. The original is allowed closure and dies a second time at the hands of his genetic double but the double remains alive to torment Spidey another day, allowing Marvel to keep Kraven alive but undo the mistake of ever reviving the original
A mysterious countdown has begin to something we "won't see coming". Potential multiple collaborators involved
So the big news was that JJ Abrams and his son are working on a Spider-Man title. A lot of people were pissed, they thought it'd be a Spider-Man 4 adapatation
To be honest, I'm more excited for Mark Bagley coming back. He was the main artist when I got into SM, and I will always love his work.
[Image: D_1yC_bX4AEXqKY.jpg]
So couple of things happening

-Mary Jane is getting her own solo mini-series with an option for an ongoing if sales are high
-New Spider-Verse Mini-Series
-Renew Your Vows Spider-Family appearing in Marvel#1001.

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