The Watchtower - Justice League Comics Discussion Thread
They are their world's finest superheroes, and sometimes our last hope against the legions of doom. Follow and discuss the ever changing roster of Leaguers out to champion the cause of Justice.
My favorite villains for them are the Crime Syndicate from Earth 2/3/antimatter earth.
Interview with Scott Snyder regarding Lex's actions and motivations during Year of the Villain
Year of the Villain#1

Lex Luthor attacks the White House and returns to Lexcorp to talk to Brainiac, Brainaic tells Lex he is now forever classed as a villain in the eyes of the world, but Lex says it will soon be a matter of time before every city falls in line. Captain Atom arrives at the building to arrest Lex but Lex blows Lexcorp up.

Batgirl in the meantime is given an offer by Leviathan to change the world, and Leviathan brings up all of the instances she has joined a cause and sacrificed everything. Her decision whether or not to accept the deal is not shown. Meanwhile, Jason Todd asks Bruce if he can help him try to prove that Leviathan is not who he thinks he is...Jason Todd

The third story sees the Leauge dealing with something in space before having a talk about Perpetua and Lex's involvement. We then drop in on Perpetua and discover Lex is being regrown in her chambers

Justice League#23

The Lois of the Sixth Dimension reveals she is from an earlier phase of the World Forger's experiments, and has had to watch whole worlds fall due to a failed Justice formation. Her son Jon has died millions of times and it has traumatised her, she blames Clark's unwillingness to ever change who he is for the tragedies and tells the League they can either finally see the light or stay with the villains. Manhunter and Kendra's "son" arrives and uses his powers to shatter the prison. During the break-out, the League are rescued by a version of the Legion of Doom...and Darksied.

Superman escapes his prison planet, taking the time to remember a conversation with young Jon in the processs

Meanwhile, Batman is told by the World Forger that Mxy is preparing to unravel reality in their dimension, and that he must act quickly to replace the missing time from the multiverse before the council of judges uncovers his plan...he instructs Bruce to make a decision and turn away the three suns in the dark dimension that is replenishing Superman before he can escape. Batman seemingly agrees and moves the suns using a control console, leaving Suprman stranded again in the pitch blackness of space

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